20 november 2009

Working in more than one country: social and tax consequences (European Social Law Clinics 2009 - 2010)

1. Increasingly people do not limit their professional activities to the borders of only one country. They may within one year or even a day work in two or more states. Each of these states has their own labor law, social security law and tax law. How do these states deal with multi-country salaried workers or self-employed? What are the social and tax consequences of working in more than one country?

This is the general topic of the European Social Law Clinics organised by the KU Leuven in cooperation with the HU Brussel in Brussels.

2. The up-coming clinic organised on the 18th of December 2009 focuses on the labour law and social security law consequences of working partially in Belgium and partially in (an)other EU or non EU member state. The registration system ‘LIMOSA’ is presented with special attention to the ‘legal’ limitations of such a system. What is allowed and what not when confronted with the provision of free movement of workers for example? And finally insight is given into the Belgian implementation of the posting directive.

For more information on the programme and registrations, click here.

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