25 september 2009

Congres International Social Security Association (2010): call for papers

The International Policy and Research Conference on Social Security will take place from 29 September to 1 October 2010 in Luxembourg on the theme of "Emerging trends in times of instability: New challenges and opportunities for social security".

The Conference will focus on the challenges that various socio-economic developments pose to social security worldwide. The current financial and economic crisis is having an enormous impact in terms of its suddenness, scale, and global reach.

The consequences for social security are significant, not only due to the depletion of reserve fund assets and increased expenditure, but also due to its restored legitimacy in a fragile economy.

From a broader perspective, this crisis is connected with other trends in the world today, including an ageing population, globalization, changes in the labour market, population displacement, changes in family structures, global warming, and a crisis of values.

Call for papers

The ISSA encourages researchers interested in proposing a paper to submit an abstract which should refer to recent or current research activity, in particular to evaluations of innovative policies or programmes. Contributions should relate to one of the sub-themes of the Conference. Moreover candidates are requested to explain the policy relevance of their contribution in light of the challenges policy-makers are facing in the field of social security. Papers related to comparative research and reports of studies with a direct bearing on the functioning of social security systems are particularly welcome.

Deadline for proposals

The title of the paper, together with a detailed abstract of about 250 words presenting the subject, methodology, hypothesis and research questions, must be submitted via the Conference Website no later than 15 October 2009.

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